About me

Hello from the quaint and picturesque Waterford, Connecticut! I’m Kristy Collins, passionately dedicated to animal welfare and protection. My home is a sanctuary not only for my beloved family, which includes my supportive husband, three lively children, and two faithful dogs, but also for a variety of rescued pocket pets like a chinchilla, hedgehog, ferret, and even a bearded dragon.

Nestled in our cozy corner of Connecticut, we’ve struck a beautiful balance between the tranquility of small-town living and our commitment to providing a loving shelter and impeccable care to our animal friends. When we’re not deeply involved in nurturing our pets, we’re embracing the great outdoors, often finding solace and inspiration by the ocean. The soothing rhythm of the waves and the briny air is a balm to our souls, reinforcing our connection to all living beings.

Gathering around the grill on our patio for family barbecues is more than just a pastime for us. It’s a celebration of life, where we forge lasting memories and remind ourselves of the joy and responsibility of caring for our animal companions.

Through my blog, I aim to share not just the delights, but also the profound commitment involved in caring for various creatures. You’ll find heartfelt stories of our life with these animals and practical advice on ensuring their wellbeing. Whether it’s about crafting the perfect habitat or sharing touching moments with our pets, my goal is to engage with like-minded animal lovers, provide answers to your queries, and inspire you in your own journey of animal care.

Join me as we explore the enchanting world of pet guardianship. I’m here not just as a guide, but as a fellow animal advocate and friend, balancing the joys of family, the dedication to animal care, and savoring the simple, beautiful moments life offers.

Thank you for accompanying me on this fulfilling path. Your questions, experiences, and insights are always welcome. Let’s make the world a better place for our animal friends together!

Life is an incredible journey, made richer and more meaningful when shared with others, both human and animal.

Warmest regards,

Kristy Collins